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Denver Steel Show 2022 Seminar 

This year the super talented Daniel C. Jones will be conducting a C6 Seminar!

Approaching the C6 Tuning Through Standards

Date: Saturday, Aug.13

Time: 12-3pm (with break in middle)

Place: Dougie G’s Lounge (10217 Quivas St., Thornton)

Cost: $25 at the event or ($26.50 if paying through PayPal)

To register contact Daniel at e-mail:  (PayPal account also under this e-mail) home phone: 303-642-3316


Seminar Content

I. Introduction

   A. My background, current musical interests

   B. Your goals in being here

   C. The C6 tuning: its musical and social context


II. The Nitty Gritty

A. Tonal Harmony (each sub-topic in both major and minor)

   1. concept of tonality

   2. diatonic harmony (within tonality)

   3. functional harmony (within tonality)

B. Application

   1. The ii-V-I/i progression

     a. application: practice with pockets

   2. Application with tunes

     a. “How High the Moon”

     b. “Black Orpheus” (aka “Mañha de Carnival”)

C. Pulling it Together: tracking tonality


III. Possible Extended Topics (given time, interest)

   A. Developing Your Own Ideas over Standards

   B. Beyond 7th chords in tonal harmony

   C. Practice habits: connecting mind, ears, vision, hands; training concept

   D. Being musical (as a steel guitarist)

   E. C6 as a “Rubik’s Cube”

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